Web Design and Development

As a freshman in high school in 1996, my science teacher gave us the option to create a website or take a test. I choose to create a website and it was the best decision I ever made. Not only did web development push me into photography, due to needing images to fuel a website, it also became my passion. I pursued that passion and majored in journalism and computer science at Western Washington University and immediately started working at The Bellingham Herald after college. Over the years I have built and maintained massive news websites like and created fully-customizable websites like that helped propel the website to a 200% increase in sales.

Web development and media creation are very powerful together. I love nothing more than creating and managing a full project from beginning to end. A few of the perks of working with me are:

  • No stock photos here. I capture your own photos, so your site is one of a kind.
  • I help create the marketing tools you need to spread knowledge about your business through SEO, social media and email campaigns.
  • HubSpot Certified Inbound Marketing certified to make sure you get the most out of your marketing campaigns.
  • Fully customizable websites that you can update yourself using WordPress, Shopify, Drupal or any other content management system you prefer.


You can view more of my web development and multimedia design work at

Custom WordPress Websites

I use WordPress for all of my own websites (like the one you are on right now) and can build nearly anything using it as the framework for the site. Using WordPress enables me to offer websites at a far cheaper price than other methods also. I can help you install a new site, add plugins and find a perfect theme for your business. I can also build you a custom themes or convert your old website into WordPress. Here are a few examples of my past WordPress work:

Custom Drupal websites

Before I left for the freelance world I was a full-time employee at Origin Distribution. Origin is the company behind DB Longboards, DB Skimboards, Cloud Ride Wheels and Atlas Trucks. All four of these websites are built using Drupal. I teamed up with the great people over at Gravit Digital to build a custom skateboard, skate truck and skimboard customizers. Along with the webwork I also captured all of the product photos, lifestyle photos and product videos. These websites are a great showcase of what is possible online.



Custom Shopify websites

I have worked with Shopify quite a bit in the past. It's a very easy way for a business to get of the ground with a store. I currently am working on a new custom Shopify website for Milk+Honey that is set to launch in September. 


Let's start a conversation about your next project

Whether you need a new website design, maintenance, marketing or SEO I would love to hear about your project! Just use the contact form below to get the conversation started!

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